Item Processing Bank Solutions

Maximum Processing Efficiency 

As technology improves, customers expect banking to be fast and simple. Services such as mobile check capture and e-statements are increasingly expected, and we can help your bank catch up.

BMA completes all item processing deposit transactions at the close of business—each and every day,or if you prefer at multiple times per day. Our banking systems will quickly find any errors and adjust or correct deposit transactions as needed. BMA strives to ensure quick and effective correspondence, making sure all transactions are balanced and any corrections are completed the previous business day. BMA also transfers cash letters and batch runs at specific times during the day or at your preferred times.  If you are using a correspondent bank, BMA provides all the necessary reports to ensure smooth and quick transactions to keep your customers happy.

We are confident that we can quickly help you boost the satisfaction of your customers. With BMA technology, check images are securely stored and available within the system for up to seven years. Your customers will love the efficiency of your simplified item processing solution, and your team will feel confident using improved, reliable technology.


  • Enhance customer service with streamlined check deposits.

  • Quickly locate documents  from the past seven years.

  • Boost your bank employees’ productivity with faster, more reliable technology and processes.

  • Cut costs with one fully-integrated item processing bank solution.

  • Fraud detection for checks

  • Statement images stored in the core for up to seven years

  • Remote deposit capture saves business time and money and creates loyalty to your bank

  • Check recovery up to 18 months within the core and 7 years total

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