Deposit Bank Solutions and Loan Bank Solutions

Deposit and loan solutions are the building blocks of any bank. In an increasingly cashless age, it’s imperative that banks are equipped to offer their customers secure access to their  accounts.

At BMA, we offer all of the basic types of depository  accounts that meet all regulatory and legal standards:

  • Checking

  • Savings

  • CDs

  • Demand deposits

  • Money market

  • Sweep

  • High-interest checking

  • Customized to suit your needs

Banks can continue to work with their existing or preferred provider for loan and deposit documents, or can choose from BMA’s list of qualified providers.



BMA’s deposit bank solutions are dependable and built with your confidence in mind. Banks can easily create checking, savings, CDs, and retirement accounts through the easy-to-load BMA deposit documents . Our solution stores documents for seven years, negating any need for external servers. Our software also allows banks to conduct automatic OFAC checks, test profitability, and analyze accounts.

-All documents are stored safely and securely within the core as part of our signature “single sign-on” feature.  You can protect your documents, access them quickly and avoid unnecessary amounts of paper.

BMA deposit bank solutions were also built with your customers in mind. Our solutions allow your customer to easily view electronic signatures and scanned document images at the account level. Deliver printed or electronic statements with multiple timeframe options to your customers.


BMA’s loan bank solutions make it simple to service your loans. We provide everything you need to service your loans in one easy-to-use platform—from gathering credit information to quickly preparing documents to closing loans efficiently. BMA’s solution also provides loan documents that are intuitive, versatile, and in line with all regulatory and Compliance requirements

-BMA Core Technology provides all types of loan platforms for retail and commercial

  • Long term

  • Short term

  • Lines of credit

  • Alternative financing

  • Mortgage loans

  • Construction loans

With BMA’s loan bank solutions, servicing loans is easy:

  • Delinquency parameters

  • Stress tests

  • Flexible loan statements

  • Alert settings

  • Personalized loan portfolios

  • Profitability graphing

  • Auto-account opening

  • Credit reporting

  • Automated and on demand OFAC checks

  • 50 state compliant

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