ACH & Wire Transfer Solutions

With BMA, you can manage costs associated with your ACH, making it a dependable solution for keeping up with the increasing demand for electronic payment systems.  Send and receive funds quickly from one account to another or through recurring payments.  

  • Any outgoing ACH goes through your bank. BMA then gives the bank a file and full report for the outgoing ACHs. On the bank’s end, they authorize the outgoing ACHs in their bank portal.  

  • ACH return goes through your bank as well, and BMA gives them a report detailing all returned ACHs. Upon receiving this information, the bank approves the returned ACHs in their bank portal.  

  • BMA receives and completely processes all incoming ACH payments.  

We are focused on maintaining speed, while keeping all ACH payments and wire transfers completely secure. BMA’s solutions can handle any fund transfers that your bank needs, including recurring payments to vendors. Utilizing our core technology prevents your team from having to manually manage tracking and sending payments, enhancing productivity and minimizing customer wait times.

Send Funds Anywhere

Send and receive ACH payments and wire transfers to and from anywhere in the world with confidence, knowing the funds will arrive safely in no time. Verify payments and reverse fraudulent charges with ease, providing you and your customers with peace of mind during any business transaction. BMA’s electronic payment solutions solve your time and security issues, so you can focus on more complex issues within your bank.

Full compliance with NACHA operating rules enable same-day settlement of all ACH transactions.

Quick Facts on BMA ACH

  • Direct deposit for payroll, government, tax payments, annuities and interest payments

  • Cross-border ACH consumer or business

  • Cost effective

  • ACH processed three times per day

  • Secure encryption of forms to prevent fraud


Send Funds Anywhere

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